THUGPro for Windows

Download the THUG Pro installer for Windows.

Note: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 must be installed prior to launching the THUG Pro installer.

THUGPro for Mac

Please refer to this installation guide created by TylerLasagna.


THUG Pro v0.7.0.0


  • Fixed Shipyard crashing in net games
  • Fixed game crashing when throwing projectiles
  • Fixed “Couldn’t find Data\sounds.snd” log spam
  • Fixed skater electric shock light bug
  • Fixed XInput assertion at startup
  • Fixed The Ruins teleport messages
  • Fixed The Ruins crash due to missing files
  • Fixed Skate Ranch crash due to missing files
  • Fixed Oil Rig (THPS3) cutscene skater freeze timing
  • Fixed Slam City Jam floating restart node
  • Fixed San Fransisco pier crash
  • Fixed empty level options menu in certain levels


  • Added remaining THAW levels
  • Added balance meter indicators
  • Added separate trick string for Walking Wallplant
  • Added Natas trick variations from THAW
  • Added lip trick toggle option
  • Added option to disable pressure stance toggle
  • Added Bonk panel message
  • Added Wallride bounce (WRB) panel message
  • Restored THUG1 trick spin logic – for steezy misty flips
  • Added Kenny from THPS4 as a selectable skater
  • Added Alcatraz park editor theme
  • Added ped/pro skater voices to cas options

UI Updates:

  • Added new high resolution fonts
  • Updated menu user interface


  • Improved Skate Ranch televator script
  • Restored the New Jeresy helicopter
  • Always allow elbowpads and kneepads in CAS – because REAL improv players don’t care about clipping geometry!
  • Allow wheel texture for xray board

Known Issues:

  • Cries about THUG1 spin slack
  • Duration of the “Barrel Roll” trick
  • Observer lobby title text size
  • New fonts missing special symbols:
     • Diacritics
     • CTF flags
  • MBP/Air manual hides balanace meter
  • Boostplant panel message option non-functional
  • Crashing on shutdown/alt-tab with fullscreeen and screen-effects enabled


  • When updating or installing, if you encounter any of the following error messages:
     • “A file failed to download”
     • “There was a problem updating THUG Pro. Error downloading updt.dll”
  • Please note, your antivirus software may incorrectly detect “updt.dll” as “Gen:Variant.Adware.Lazy.829”. Rest assured, this is a false positive.





  • Stability improvements for wifi connections
  • Stability improvements for observe mode
  • Stability improvements for XInput
  • Improvements for dedicated server features
  • Fixed a bug in the updater where it would fetch incorrect version numbers when running on Linux with Wine


This is a small patch with some stability improvements. We have a larger update in the works that will be released later this summer. It will include more content and features, including a few THAW levels, a overhauled user interface and various QoL changes.




  • Fixed crashing when swapping players in observe mode
  • Fixed crashing when sending level options to some players
  • Server listing improvements




  • Fixed bug with some level option toggles not working
  • Fixed skater select save menu soft-lock bug
  • Fixed material rendering bugs in some levels
  • Stability improvements




  • Clear console/chant now clears internal message history
  • Fixed “You are king of the hill!” panel message
  • Fixed quick turn save/load bug(?)
  • Fixed ugly bail animations
  • Fixed windowed mode application icon
  • Possible fix net game crashing in Shipyard
  • Removed Invis Natas node in Beverly Hills
  • Various stability fixes


  • Added new levels “The Ruins” and “Skate Ranch” from Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland
  • Added Pogo, The Falcon, American Tribute to CAT
  • Added save skater option to the post-skater select menu
  • Added THPS4 extra trick sfx toggle in sound options
  • Disabled level select image transition static effect
  • Dropdown revert window tweaks
  • Hide Special Meter in observe mode
  • Included Manual Boostplant tech
  • Removed screen freeze when changing level as host
  • Tweaked fade out times for quick menu
  • Unhide HUD after quick menu fade-out finishes
  • Updated Alcatraz and College skybox
  • Increased camera FOV option limits
    • New Max 132 (Was 100)
    • New Min 22 (Was 50)
  • Added screenshot function. (The shortcut is F10)
    • Screenshots are saved to ./THUG Pro/Screens/


  • Resolution list bug fixes.
    • (Thanks to Bungle for spending several hours over a few days to help test multiple application setups ultimately leading to the unearthing of these bugs)




  • Fixed custom level crashing related to hash pool size limit
  • Fixed Dropdown grind out animation bug
  • Potential fix for crash when Airshuffling while being eliminated in Firefight


  • Added new level ‘Beverly Hills’ from THAW!
  • Added WalliePlant/BoostPlant input mode toggles
  • Using higher quality textures/geometry for Tokyo funboxes
  • Added 'scoreboard destroyed’ level option to High School




  • Fixed level options not being toggled when joining a server
  • Fixed issue with level lights launcher setting not working
  • Fixed some crashes related to custom soundtracks


  • Level options menu now allow up to 8 toggles. (Was 6 previously)
  • Increased game memory heap sizes. (Should resolve crashing when loading certain custom levels)
  • Added Bridge Piece to Park Editor
  • Added Noseslide Lipslide Special
  • Restored Wallride trails
  • Added Neuro Plant counter
  • Added Boost Plant counter
  • Increased band name and track title length limits to 47. (Was 31)
  • Added better error messages for custom content json/dat loading




  • Fixed rail stall observer bug
  • Fixed natas spin sound loop bug, when entering observe mode
  • Fixed stall button menu text updating issues
  • Fixed OpenSpy connection error dialog / menu overlap bug
  • Fixed incorrect level preview image for THPS2 Philly
  • Fixed issue where the edit theme preveiw sprites would linger on screen if you entered the theme options menu right before a game was starting or ending
  • Fixed Window 10 startup crash
  • Fixed a few helper text elements
  • Fixed billboard materials in the Park Editor
  • Fixed issue where the wrong message would be shown when failing to join to a server
  • Fixed Neuro Plant getup animation bug
  • Fixed Warehouse window light rays
  • Fixed Enviroment Map material bug


  • Reordered control / physics menus
  • Added orange to the font color options
  • Combined base score and multiplied score into a single menu item. (off, normal, multiplied)
  • Added Boned Ollie
  • Added THUG1 Vert BHRA
  • Added Off Rail Wallplant
  • Wallie Plant now uses the THUG1 trigger. (Up + Up + Jump)
  • Wallride Plant now uses the TapTwiceRelease trigger. (Left + Left + Jump) and (Right + Right + Jump)
  • Boostplant limit has been removed, since the new trigger requires faster input to execute
  • Air Shuffle now decreases jump height instead of input window
  • Added option to change Revert button controls
  • Added option to disable focus mode
  • Made Tokyo jets collideable
  • Added a quick menu option to reload custom levels in freeskate, useful for testing level exports
  • Added new level ‘The Mall’ from THPS1. (THAW classic version)
  • Added support for levels that go beyond the regular 'position broadcast limit’
    • Use FLAG_IS_BIG_LEVEL in your custom level manifest to extend the horizontal limits
    • Use FLAG_IS_TALL_LEVEL in your custom level manifest to extend the vertical limits
    • NOTE: This will reduce the skater position accuracy, so only use it if you really have to!
  • Restored Face Mapping CAS options
  • Added THP8 level select tab
  • Added new tab title sprites for Create-A-Park and imported levels
  • Level select tabs are now sorted in chronological order
  • Added 'Hang Ten Manual’
  • Various collison object changes in Suburbia
  • Updated falling animations when jumping out of bounds in the following levels; Cruise Ship, Oil Rig and Alcatraz
  • Improved Dropdown detection code. Should be more predictable now
  • Added more Dropdown button options.
    • You can use a two button setup or one button setup. With any of the triggers
    • If you use a two button setup, the left and right triggers will decide which side to drop in to. Although it can be overridden with directional input
    • NOTE: Previous Dropdown button settings have been reset!
  • Password strings are now obfuscated in the host options menu
  • Added game server status icons in the lobby menu
    •  Server has a password
    •  Game in progress


  • Now using .NET framework version 4.6
  • Added Face Mapping controls
  • Fixed a bug where the Visual C++ 2013 x86 Redistributable Package check wasn’t being reached
  • Fixed an issue where the main form retained focus when accessing change log viewer and taunt options
  • Removed the dependency on Managed DirectX this also removes the dependency on .NET 2.0
  • Changed hard-coded paths to build themselves using Path.DirectorySeparatorChar for better support on Linux and Mac
  • Changed hard-coded file names to match the downloaded file case for better support on Linux and Mac
  • Removed the check for Managed DirectX and the dependency on DllImport of fusion.dll and GAC imported structures
  • Added in support for a device information dump
    • Place the launcher in debug mode by pressing ctrl + alt + D from the game pad binding tab, select device none, then select the device you want information on
    • A file will be created named DeviceInfo.log in the THUGPro directory

Content manager:

  • Now using .NET framework version 4.6
  • Fixed hardcoded paths to fix potential compatibility issues
  • Packaged dependencies


  • Added support for backing up files if uninstalling
  • Added support for uninstalling THUG Pro
  • New shortcut creation method and removed the need for IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll
  • Now using .NET framework version 4.6
  • Removed CombinePaths extension method, .NET 4.6 already has a Path.Combine overloaded method for combining an array of names
  • Removed email support messages
  • Removed the check for Managed DirectX and the dependency on DllImport of fusion.dll and GAC imported structures
  • Updated THUG Pro logo


Backup data includes Saves, Faces, User directory, registry. If any backup option is selected but the content is empty it will not be backed up. You can perform a full uninstall, too, which will delete the backup data. Control flow of the application has changed to ask fewer questions e.g. import saves / create shortcuts / restore backup data. If backup data exists you’ll have an option to restore during install or repair. The control for restore happens after installation and will supply more options for allowing the user to select what gets restored. These options are based on what content exists in the backup directory.



  • Fixed end game crash in FireFight.
  • Fixed Elimiskate endrun / elimination bugs.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in Elimiskate and FireFight:
      - When you are eliminated, your skater will only be hidden for other players.
      - When you are eliminated, you will automatically observe the current leader.
  • Fixed Marseilles observe overview camera position.
  • Fixes for “Make custom skater” skater select option:
      - Set correct gender for skaters where skins have different genders. (Female Zombie)
      - Update skater voice option.
  • Fixed chat block/unblock feature.
  • Fixed some time-of-day object issues in Moscow.
  • Fixed join server refusal messages / join server timeout issue.
  • Fixed collision issues in College. (Roof objects by the movie theater have been updated)

  • Changes:
  • Removed unnecessary delay times when entering observe mode in certain situations.
  • Improved water material shaders.
  • Added support for distance culled meshes.
  • Added female version of the NULL pre-made cas option.
  • Added “hide hud” option to quick menu.

  • 26nov

    THUG Pro

  • Fixed time-of-day related crash when hosting certain levels.
  • Fixed Vancouver to Slam City Jam transition script input lock bug.
  • Optimized time-of-day transition scripts for some levels.
  • Fixed missing objects in Moscow.
  • Fixed custom levels limit crash.
  • Removed dwmapi depencency. Should fix Win XP startup crash.
  • Added new log file for script errors and script debugging.

  • Launcher:
  • Targeting .NET 2.0 again.
      Some people are having issues running .NET 4.0 applications on Mac and Linux.
  • Made changes to the valid axis checker where some controller emulator applications
      write device object names in local language.
  • Change visibility of version number if taunt options or change log controls are selected.

  • 9aug

    THUG Pro

  • Fixed crashing related to CAS data size.
  • Fixed observe player cycle bug where the camera would get stuck at the current position.
  • Fixed bug where THPS4 level options would not be synchronized when joining a server.
  • Fixed bug where other level options would not be synchronized with players already on the server.
  • Fixed bug where the time-of-day state would not reset for clients when server changes to a level that dosn’t support time-of-day changes.
  • Fixed bug where the time-of-day menu would not be available in custom levels.
  • Restored “Endless Kickflip” special grab trick.

  • Changes:
  • Updated Marsielles out-of-bounds scenery.
  • Temporarily disabled “Sit out” option.

  • 5jul

    THUG Pro

  • Fixed crash in rankings menu if a player had a single digit score.
  • Fixed a bug where the observe ui would be visible while skating.
  • Improved player name truncation in the lobby menu.
  • Fixed crashing in menus with too many items.
  • Added “Level Restarts” shortcut to quick menu.

  • Launcher and content manager:
  • Rolled back .NET Target Framework to v4.0
  • 2jul

    THUG Pro

  • Fixed a crash related to sending chat messages.
  • Fixed bug where joining a server would put you in an empty game before crashing. (unverified)
  • Fixed “/obs” command crash.
  • Fixed observe “stuck in air bouce” softlock.
  • Fixed board scuff saving / loading issue.
  • Fixed quick menu skip track id conflict.
  • Fixed lingering create-a-theme menu elements bug.
  • Disabled Minneapolis “Beta Garage” level option while in observe mode.
  • Fixed lobby menu scrolling.
  • Resize long names in lobby player name list.

  • Launcher:
  • Fixed a bug where disable split trigger option wasnt being enabled or
      disable if the divice was changed between xinput and non xinput.
  • Targeted .net framework 4.5.1 to match the new managment dlls to reduce
  • A couple other changes to hard coded paths and dll imports.
  • Edited GetSelectedAxis to reflect code before doing xbox one s bluetooth test.
  • Removed the creation of the example “Soundtrack” directory in /User/Data/Music/.
  • Added Visual C++ 2013 x86 Redistributable Package check.
  • 27jun

    THUG Pro

    Custom Content Support!

    Added custom soundtrack and custom level support!
    See for more information.

    New Levels:
  • Santa Monica (THAW)
  • Marsielle (THAW, from THPS2)
  • Minneapolis (THAW, from THPS)

  • Updated Skater Select:
  • Updated U.I.
  • Added 100+ new playable characters.
  • Added option to use other characters as CAS.
  • Added new skater anims.

  • Added Skaters:
    • Aborigine
    • Alien, Alien Doctor, Alien Leader
    • Andrew Reynolds
    • Arto Saari
    • Australian Cop
    • Bam Margera (Masked), Bam Margera (THUG)
    • Beach Goer
    • Ben Franklin
    • Bigfoot, Bigfoot One
    • Boat Captain
    • Bob Burnquist (THUG)
    • Bodyguard
    • Boston Guy
    • Boxer
    • Bratwurst Vendor
    • Bucky Lasek
    • Bull Fighter
    • Bullfighter
    • Camera Man
    • Chad Muska (THUG)
    • Construction Worker
    • Corn Vendor
    • Cut Chemist
    • Daisy
    • Darth Maul
    • Demoness
    • Doom Guy
    • Eddie
    • Elissa Steamer
    • Eric Koston (THUG)
    • Eric Sparrow, Eric Sparrow (THUG)
    • Flute Player
    • Geeky Kid
    • Gene Simmons
    • Geoff Rowley
    • German Cop
    • German Drunk 1, German Drunk 2, German Drunk 3
    • Graffiti Punk
    • Graffiti Tagger
    • Guitar Player
    • Horn Player
    • Hospital Attendant
    • Imp
    • Inline Skater
    • Iron Man
    • Jamie Thomas
    • Jango
    • Jesse James
    • Jester
    • Johnny Turbo
    • Judge
    • Kareem Campbell
    • Kelly Slater
    • Lifeguard
    • Lost Soul 1, Lost Soul 2, Lost Soul 3
    • Lounge Singer
    • Mayan
    • Mayan Tiki Mask
    • Metal Detector Guy
    • Mike Vallely (THUG)
    • Mime
    • Minikart Driver
    • Natas Kaupas
    • Neversoft Eyeball
    • Nick
    • Nigel Beaverhausen
    • Nurse
    • Officer Dick
    • Ollie The Magic Bum
    • Paramedic
    • Paul Rodriguez
    • Paulie Ryan
    • Phil Margera
    • Pirate
    • Price
    • Private Carrera
    • Ramp Kid
    • Rastapopolous
    • Revolutionary Soldier
    • Rodney Mullen (Cutscene), Rodney Mullen (THUG)
    • Rune Glifberg
    • Ryan Sheckler
    • Security Guard
    • Shrimp Vendor
    • Skaboto
    • Skatopia Punk
    • Space Monkey (Blue), Space Monkey (Green), Space Monkey (Pink)
    • Stacy Peralta
    • Steve Caballero
    • Steve-O
    • T.H.U.D.
    • Todd
    • Tony Hawk (THPS), Tony Hawk (THUG)
    • Trooper
    • VooDoo Doctor
    • Wiener Vendor
    • Wolverine
    • X Ray
    • Zombie 1, Zombie 2, Zombie Female

    Updated User Interface (U.I.):
  • Higher quality sprites.
  • Improved screen element scaling.
  • Updated net lobby menu screen.
  • Updated pause menu screen.
  • Restored THUG1 pause menu deck.

  • Updated Themes:
  • Higher quality sprites.
  • Added THUG1 secret skater themes.
  • Added THUG1 retro hawk theme.
  • Added create-a-theme mode.

  • Sound Options:
  • Added music options sub menu.
  • Added custom soundtrack support.
  • Added soundtrack menu.
  • Added tracklist menu.
  • Added option to toggle between music and ambient track.
  • Added option to skip music track at run start.
  • Added skater voice toggle.
  • Fixed Shrek voice bug…

  • Edit Tricks Menu:
  • Added option to unassign tricks.
  • Added option to swap / replace tricks.
  • Fixed edit tricks bug where some tricks wouldnt save correctly.
  • Fixed edit tricks bug where in some cases the same key combo
      could be assigned to multiple tricks.

  • Added Classic Cheats:
  • Cool Specials
  • Kid Mode
  • Invisible
  • Hoverboard

  • Added Tricks:
    • 1990 Invert
    • 540 Board Varial
    • American Tribute
    • Assume The Position II
    • Boot Burst
    • Chomp On This
    • Daffy Grind
    • Falcon Guitar Slide
    • Fire Blaster
    • Fire Fire Fire
    • Flip Kick Dad
    • Flying Squirrel
    • Ghetto Tag Grind
    • Handstand 50-50
    • Layback Sparks
    • Layout Flip
    • Lick It Up
    • Muska Manual
    • No Handed Madonna
    • Nollie Flip Underflip
    • Pogo Handstand
    • Reemo Slide
    • Rodeo Wrap
    • Scary Grind
    • Swimmer
    • Roastbeef
    • The Jackass
    • The Scanner
    • Varial
    • Yeah Right Slide
    • Primo Slide

    Camera Options Menu:
  • Added aspect ratio option
  • Added fov option
  • Added “Quick menu”, hold down select / tab to open.

  • Updated Observe Mode:
  • Added the option to Observe the next and previous skater.
  • Added the option to Observe your own skater.
  • Added the option to detach the camera (Freecam).
  • Added level overview camera angle.

  • Updated GameModes:
  • Added ammo type alternatives for FireFight.
  • Added pickup type alternatives for Scavenger Hunt.

  • Other:
  • AirShuffle trigger input window is now decreased for each shuffle. Max is ~5
  • BoostPlant is now limited to 5 WalliePlants.
  • Buttslaps are now limited to 5.
  • Added bloom post fx. Can be disabled in the launcher.
  • Added multiple resolution / quality options for skater shadows.
  • Restored console skater light effect.
      Skaters and other dynamic objects
      will now be affected by lights.
  • Enabled previously unused water material effect.
  • Disabled “dynamic” billboards.
  • Added option to disable particles.
  • Restored the Freecam. Available in FreeSkate and in Observe mode.
  • Restored Freecam teleport function in FreeSkate.
      Select “Viewer” for the
      Select button option in General Options.
      Select Teleport to Camera is bound to X / Ollie.
  • Fixed memory leak when reloading assets.
      Caused random crashing when loading levels and joining network games.
  • Fixed obscure connection issue that occured when having too much stuff on your CAS!
  • Fixed dark trick string color bug.
  • Fixed color code issues when using the trick font as the chat font.
  • Fixed special trick string color bug
      Where doing a spine transfer and a special trick would sometimes highlight the wrong trick.
  • Fixed window mode display artifacts.
      The image will look good with the initial window size/resolution.
  • Added warning messages for irreversible CAS options.
  • Added wheel scaling option.
  • Added griptape color option.
  • Added default (none) deck graphic option.
  • Fixed scaling issues with some of the board models.
  • Fixed color options for some board models.
  • Fixed griptape / graphic options for some board models.
  • Added Jango Fett hoverboard.
  • Added Jole’s HD board model and companion deck / griptape textures.
  • Reconverted some level scene files. Fixed material issues.
  • Reconverted some level collision files. Fixes wallride issues.
  • Added skater “BoardOnFire” triggers to Manhattan, City Center and Training.
  • Restored level event cutscene triggers for THUG2 levels.
  • Added Level Option for the Berlin thunderstorm.
  • Added random level shortcut in Level Select.
  • Remember last selected level in Level Select.
  • Fixed bug where the Skateshop menu would randomly disappear.
  • Fixed bug where the skater would randomly freeze in the Skateshop.
  • Fixed anim changing stuff and skater moving bugs in Skateshop.
  • Now using option arrows for host options.
  • Added new natas spin nodes to some levels.
  • Removed a couple of unintentional natas spin nodes.
  • Fixed Park Editor ped animation bugs.
  • Added Custom Park Editor gap score option
  • Fixed weather bounding box position update bug.
  • Fixed crashing when choosing goals for Goal Attack in some levels.
  • Updated cruise ship cutscene particles.
  • Replaced the “water splash” level object with a particle effect.
  • Differentiate between “Pivot” and “Bunny Hop Revert” .
  • Don’t show buttslap couter for Neuro Plant.
  • Added L1&L2 and R1&R2 spin key options.
  • Added option to change Natas Spin key bindings.
  • Added option to change Rail Stall key bindings.
  • Added new gap tool options.
  • Fixed bug where late ollies would not work when buttslaps were disabled.
  • The total number of graffiti objects is now displayed in the rankings screen.
  • Enabled vibration for xinput devices.
  • Auto disable desktop composition in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed Shipyard restart orientation.
  • Fixed School II yellow CTF team restart position.
  • Removed random floating restart node in Slam City Jam.
  • Added Level Option for Half Pipe Edge object in Training.
  • Added name check option for peds
      so if a ped is the same as the skater being played as, it will use a random skater ped model.
  • Added Rowley pro goal rollin ramp Level Option in London.
  • Added gap goal kicker Level Option in Hawaii.
  • Updated script printf cfunc to format text correctly.
  • Fixed Warehouse light flicker effect
  • Fixed Skater Select stats menu bug.
  • Updated net game mode description font and position.
  • Fixed gap menu black screen bug.
  • Fixed gap menu helper text bug.
  • Fixed bug where the skater would get stuck:
      When triggering the “FlailingFall” script when off-board. (Alcatraz and Cruise Ship)
  • Fixed updater infinite loop bug.
  • Opening the pause menu while in focus mode, will now temporarily turn off slomo
       until the game is resumed.

  • Game Launcher:
  • Fixed a bug where the GUID of a controller
      could be saved for player 1 and player 2 simultaneously.
  • Clear all binding controls by pressing Ctrl + 0 (zero) from the gamepad binding tab.
  • Set default gamepad bindings for PS2 by pressing Ctrl + 1 from the gamepad binding tab.
  • Set default gamepad bindings for XBOX by pressing Ctrl + 2 from the gamepad binding tab.
  • Added skater light toggle.
  • Added skater shadow toggle.
  • Added screen effects toggle.
  • Working on removing DllImport function:
  • New methods for dragging the window around.
  • Changed the background.
  • Added in some controls to reduce the flicker of the tab control.
  • Changing the Layout in the Gamepad Binding section
      of the launcher will update in-game labels
      to Playstation or Xbox buttons.

  • Credits:
  • Thanks to AxlRocks for the new high-res sprites.
  • Thanks to Ksk for the work on the new Blender plugin,
  •   and intergrating the new rendering and material effects
      with THUG Pro. And for providing the hd skateboard model.
  • Thanks to Demo for providing the new high-res fonts.
  • Thanks to letmynutzgo, Splinks, GoFundYourself and Biz for the new skater models.
  • And finally a special thanks to everyone for your patience and support.

  • Thank you to Chase Sechrist for all you’ve done.
    Your contributions for THUG Pro and thps as a whole has been greatly appreciated..
    It is a great feeling, knowing that you helped re-ignite others interest In THPS modding.

    “THUG Pro is the dream project”


    THUG Pro

    Wine support for THUG Pro & Launcher - launcher now works and game installation no longer hangs on completion
    College - Removed invisible object above level (bigger airs)
    Moscow - The yellow government building is now wallrideable, and the snowmen have been restored
    Kyoto - The Neon Signs no longer disappear online after being smashed, and more rail objects are taggable for Graffiti
    Fixed Spin Lag time
    “Delay Dropdowns from Grinds” has been renamed to “Spin Lag for Drop Downs” and it has been fixed (was not working in the last update)
    Land Pivot has been restored to be linked to manuals only
    The listing of custom parks in the level select menu has been fixed

    Improved Xbox 360 / Xbox One controller support (The game launcher is no longer required to be ran prior to game start for the trigger split to initialize, and the button mapping through the launcher for Xbox One controllers is now recognized on Windows 10)
    Bluetooth PS3 controllers under Wine on Mac and Ubuntu now supported in the game launcher

    Added L1 + L2 and R1 + R2 spin setup options*
    *Known Bug
    There is a known issue with the two new shoulder rotate options and 180 spin taps being enabled - you will spin indefinitely if pressing one of the buttons. We recommend turning off Spin Taps if you are going to use the R1 + R2 or L1+L2 spin setups.